City boy, tinted Royce, ridin’ dirty dirty /
only niggas with that white, you can call it Fergie

French Montana - Haven’t Spoke(2012)

Baby if you cook and roll that weed I’ll be so happy with cha /
fuck you so good, you know I’m cheating - it won’t matter to ya

Curren$y on So High by French Montana (2010)

Just a couple names you should fear /
nowhere near tired but had a Good Year

Wiz Khalifa - I’m On It (2010)

Choppa down, choppa choppa, break it down /
call me Chris Brown, I break a bitch down

French Montana - Break A Bitch Down (2011)

Baggin’ up grams at the higher dough,
the news called it crack, I called it diet coke

Pusha-T on Hello New World by Clipse  (2006)