P! - I’m the flavour, you not, bitch /
I knock you out in front of your neighborhood watch click!

Sean Price - Remember (feat. Freddie Gibbs) (2012)

I floss when it’s sunny, got money for a rainy day /
and a dope spot a few blocks from where the Yankees play

Hell Rell - The Best Out (by The Diplomats) 

I never front like I’m something I’m not /
but being broke, well that’s just something I’m not

Malice - Comedy Central (by The Clipse) (2002)

We trippin in this bitch, can you dig it?

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New version of “Take It To The Streets”

City boy, tinted Royce, ridin’ dirty dirty /
only niggas with that white, you can call it Fergie

French Montana - Haven’t Spoke(2012)

Can a young nigga get money anymore? /
call PETA, my mink is draggin’ on the floor

Kanye West - Theraflu (2012)